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tv   News 9 Noon  ABC  December 31, 2015 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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mr. rhodes: fortunately to this point we have not had any fatalities. we have had some real close calls. erin: a warning this noon -- after several carbon monoxide scares, fire officials are reminding residents how to safely heat their homes now that winter has arrived. kevin: after another slick start to the day, things are now improving and good timing for new year' s eve. all the latest on the holiday weekend ahead. erin: plus, unprecedented security -- as a million people plan to pack into times square to countdown to the new year, the other locations also under close watch. and preparations are underway at this hour for first night fun right here in new hampshire. the family friendly activities planned in both portsmouth and claremont tonight.
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national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] >> no one covers new hampshire like we do. now, wmur news 9 at noon. erin: a carbon monoxide scare in nashua has fire officials warning the public this noon. good afternoon. i' m erin fehlau. crews have responded to more than a dozen carbon monoxide calls this month in nashua alone, including some that were close to being deadly. wmur' s kristen carosa is live in nashua with the advice they want everyone to hear. kristen: erin, fire officials tell us having a co detector can save your life. after the amount of calls they have responded to this month alone, they want everyone to hear that message. since december 1, the nashua fire department has responded to more than a dozen carbon monoxide calls. mr. rhodes: we have noticed an uptick already, and we aren' t even into the throws of our heating season yet.
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brian rhodes says no one has died, but there have been close calls, and it can happen to anyone at anytime. mr. rhodes: carbon monoxide is a colorless, odorless gas. kristen: and without working co detectors, it will go unnoticed. mr. rhodes: the simplest way to protect yourself is to have a carbon monoxide detector on every level of your home and to have one outside your sleeping areas. kristen: rhodes says co is created when fuels burn incompletely. the deadly gas can come from heating and cooking equipment. mr. rhodes: we cannot stress the importance of having your heating system, any of your heating appliances serviced by licensed contractors. kristen: rhodes also says co can also come from anything that has an engine, so never run a car or generator inside a closed space. and after a snow storm, make sure vehicle exhaust pipes are not blocked by snow. the same goes for vents on the outside of your home for the dryer, stove, and fireplace. mr. rhodes: sometimes we forget that all that snow has to go somewhere, it comes off our roof . we are not paying attention.
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control says from 1999 to 2010, on average, 430 people died per year from co poisoning. rhodes says the first sign is flu-like symptoms, and it progresses from there. mr. rhodes if you leave that environment and get out to fresh air and you start to feel better , that is a tell tale sign that you were probably suffering from carbon monoxide exposure. kristen: the fire department recommends checking your co detectors once a month to make sure they are working. they say the same goes for your smoke alarms. for more safety tips head to our website, live in nashua, kristen carosa, wmur news 9. erin: all right, kristen, thank you. turning now to the weather, and the countdown to 2016 is on . it was an icy start to the day with a fresh coating on everything in sight. now the focus is on the big night ahead and how much people will need to bundle up if they are headed out to celebrate. let' s check in with meteorologist kevin skarupa.
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those evenings that we call seasonably cool. we are not expecting a huge win o d out there. by early next week, we will feel like winter. we are starting to blended some sunshine, some patchy fog even around her right now, which is hunting temperatures of it -- which is stunting temperatures a bit. it is a fairly light wind, but all in all, a pretty nice evening out there as we go anywhere between 25 and 35 from north to south. big changes over the holiday weekend. we will talk about those with futurecast coming up in a few minutes. erin: all right, kevin, thank you. happening now, happening now, preparations are underway for new year' s eve festivities that begin in portsmouth this afternoon. it' s always a popular place to ring in the new year with the big countdown held in market square. pro-portsmouth has been putting on first night for 30 years. from the ice sculpture downtown, to fireworks at 7:30, there' s also street dancing and arts and
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barbara massar: the whole idea of first night is that you purchase a button, and you travel between multiple indoor venues for lots of great music, dance, and theater. so its all about the arts, its is all about the community, and it is all about being out and about together in portsmouth on new year' s eve. erin: there will be a shuttle for parking outside of town on market street, and a shuttle between venues for button-wearers. the new year' s fun in claremont gets underway tonight at 6:00. the celebration includes live music, magic shows, marshmallow roasting, and fireworks at 10:00. this is a free community event and all are welcome. one million people are expected in times square tonight, and these are live pictures this noon. there' s an unprecedented effort to keep everyone safe and times square. new threats overseas are changing plans in some cities in europe. abc' s megan hughes has details.
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celebrations around the globe went off without a hitch. in paris, the holiday street party will go on as planned, but the fireworks display has been called off. officials stressing the need for novembers attacks which left 130 -- officials stressing the need for vigilance in the wake of november' s attacks, which left 130 dead. juan salines: i was in paris the week after it happened, and the thing is, you can' t let people like that dictate your lifestyle and your choices. megan: this tourist is now in brussels. the mayor there also called off the fireworks. brussels authorities arrested two men this week in connection with a suspected holiday plot. recent threats overseas wont' will not halt celebrations here at home. aware of any threat at this time that we deem credible. megan: an estimated 1 million about 20 blocks in and around times square. the nypd is deploying 6000 more than ever before to protect the revelers. >> there' s only so much they can do. that is a lot of people. >> i am kind of to the point t really feel safe
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megan: pasedena is prepping for the rose parade. federal officials had designated it a top-tier security event even before the san bernardino attack. more than two dozen federal agencies are joining forces with local police to protect the 700,000 people expected to attend. the vegas strip also on high alert with more than 300,000 people expected on the streets. police from coast to coast sharing a similar message -- chief o' neill: people should feel safe because we' re there. megan: the new york city mayor is touting another secret weapon -- a full task force. megan hughes, nbc news, -- abc news, washington. details about the driver who was killed after police say he caused the crash that injured four secret service agents in police in methuen, massachusetts say they arrested bruce danforth earlier this month on a heroin charge after they observed him shooting up. he was driving without a license and trying to pass another
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center line of route 16 into the path of a vehicle with four secret service agents inside. the two passengers in danforth' s car. new details this noon about a man arrested in salem who is wanted in a massachusetts murder. last night, joshua chevez was taken into custody at the red roof inn. in his room, detectives say they found crack cocaine, oxycodone pills, as well as a loaded gun. so he faces new charges in addition to a fugitive from justice charge from massachusetts. chevez was wanted in the august 2014 killing of a man in lawrence, who police say was not the intended target but caught up in the crossfire. next at noon, roads are closed and evacuations are still underway and arts of the country facing the challenges of this historic flooding. and it is one christmas this manchester family will not forget. the special thank you they gave local first responders after
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kevin: less than 12 hours away from the warmest december on record. as you notice to our west, it does not look like january will have the details ahead. erin: and in cook' s corner, need a quick appetizer to whip up for tonight' s new years eve celebration? in the kitchen this noon we are
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announcer: 3 republican governors. but which governor won national praise for tough leadership handling nine hurricanes? which governor made his state number one in job creation? which governor led the fight to stop obamacare expansion in his state? and which governor laid out a tough plan to destroy isis months before the paris attacks? jeb bush. right to rise usa is responsible
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erin: the latest now on the extreme weather wreaking havoc across much of the midwest. more than 12 million people are mississippi river overflowing abc' s elizabeth hur is in valley park, missouri where a mandatory evacuation remains in effect. elizabeth: with neighborhoods inundated, homes uprooted, some even floating downstream, mandatory evacuations in the suburbs of st. louis, missouri remain in place. >> it' s pretty scary right now. elizabeth: authorities also urging residents to stay off the roads, especially to prevent rescues like these. firefighters forced to use a ladder truck to pull this man , stranded on the hood of his pickup, and this man and his dog, trapped from the roofof their house. overnight, this record flooding shut down interstate 55, the 3rd major highway to be closed, in
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kelsy ray: this is supposed to be two major highways. a couple days ago, it was full of cars and trucks. now nothing but water. elizabeth: across the state, at least 200 roads, still impassible. gov nixon: a flood in the winter is very dangerous. everybody keep a good attitude because it is going to be a while. elizabeth: missouri not the only flooded state. >> i am just trying to get out of here. it is so deep just getting to the car. elizabeth: parts of north carolina, florida, and georgia also hit with rare winter flooding, all part of the same system that sent temperatures soaring 50 degrees above normal in the north pole and spawned deadly tornadoes in texas. according to the national weather service, in all, there were 74 tornadoes in north central texas alone, the most since 1950. back here in missouri, what you see behind me is the meramec river overflowing and flooding onto a major interstate. the river crested this morning,
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receiving, but right now we are , still waiting for the mississippi river to crest. elizabeth hur, abc news, valley park, missouri. erin: unbelievable when you see those houses floating down the river. kevin: fairly uncommon this time of year. around here, we continue on with the end of what has then an uncommon month of december and where we had from here. erin: plus, looking for an easy appetizer to mix up for tonight. mike cronin shares this family
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bernie tells the truth, and he's been consistent. he understands that the system is rigged, and he's the only one who can bring real change. i'm bernie sanders, and i approve this message. >> now, meteorologist kevin skarupa with your stormwatch 9 forecast. kevin: we are not only going to be the warmest december on record -- we are likely going to rest the last warmest december on record in 1881 by 2.5 degrees. a lot of it a function of not having snow on the ground. even with that snow on the ground this morning, we started off our normal highs this time of year and continue to jump. as her matter-of-fact, any areas that see a little bit of sunshine have gotten back into the lower 40'
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afternoon. there have been a few stubborn areas seeing quite a a few more clouds. a light westerly breeze bumping up against the terrain. ron manchester, we have pretty thick fog that has been forming. he will notice that on the satellite picture. that is a lower cloud deck. the higher cloud deck move in the terrain. showers a possibility this evening in the north country. not a huge area of high pressure settling in for us. i think we are back-and-forth with clouds and sunshine. a few more as you head up north. temperatures even their starting s. s. the lakes region. in manchester, one of the holdouts with the lower clouds and the patchy fog. at the airport, visibility less ago.
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has been fairly light, have been picking up a little bit. a westerly wind continues to dry out, while he noticed north and west, it banks up against northern and western spots. you will see the northwestern clouds, occasional snow shower situation all the way through this evening and likely through tomorrow as well while we continue to see a lighter breeze and a good deal of sunshine across a good part of the state. you get up to the great north woulds, and we run -- woods, and we run the risk of a shower in the afternoon. sunday, a fairly strong front arrives from the northwest, and the air behind it coming out of central canada, scattered snow showers will develop as quickly as saturday evening in the country, and there will be a few snow showers we had in central and southern areas. a couple of snow schools squalls, lower visibility-type or evening.
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moving in. not so for tonight, though. we know there can be very cold evenings as we ring in the new year. tonight, pretty close to our normal highs this time of year. there is a look at temperatures. after the scattered snow showers or snow squalls on saturday, highs in the teens and 20' s, north country below 0 monday night and early tuesday. let' s head to cook' s corner. mike: welcome to cook' s corner. i am mike cronin. they asked me to make a holiday recipe, and i that i do not know how to make any recipe, but i know someone who does -- my secret weapon is my mother, rosie cronin is here to save the day. she works miracles in the kitchen, and with me behind the stove, we will need a miracle today. what are we cooking? we have baked brie with the pe cans and brown sugar. rosie: exactly. it is very easy, only five ingredients, and it is not take long at all.
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rosie: first, we take the pillsbury dough and roll it up, make sure all the se are gone. ams -- seams are gone. slap your brie in the middle. leave the rind on it. mix your brown sugar -- mike: brown sugar -- boom. rosie: your pecans. and then a teaspoon of vanilla. mike: this is where it gets tricky for me because i have to measure out how much is going in there. rosie: there you go. voila. mike: is there anything else we should be doing? rosie: i will get the top ready to cover the brie, and i will get all of these spaces out of
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mike: i would say this is like old times, but usually when you family room watching tv or something -- [laughter] mike: that is right. rosie: pour that right on top of the brie. mike: a little bit of a mess, but that is ok, right? rosie: that is ok. that is fine. what we will do is bring that edges up to the top of the brie. mike: that i can do. one, too -- i' m not very good at this part. rosie: it looks great. mike: ok. now what? rosie: now we will get this brie -- mike: this is falling apart. it is like a christmas present. rosie: and we are just going to seal this, and seal it on that side. mike: ok, so we put that on top, now this is good to go, we put this in there. rosie: in that casserole dish.
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oven at 3 at 20 minutes. 50. rosie: -- mike: oven at 350. rosie: at 20 minutes. mike: here it is in all its glory. it is a holiday favorite. everyone can get involved, it is delicious. that is all there is to it.
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about dinner, and by we, i mean
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erin: a special thank you for first responders in manchester. kevin phelan and his family stopped by this fire station to thank the firefighters and paramedics who saved his life a week before christmas. the 49-year-old dialed 911 when he didn' symptoms that felt like indigestion and pain in his right arm. his heart stopped in the ambulance, but paramedics brought him back. only 8% of people survive the type of heart attack that kevin
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his family says it was their best christmas ever. kevin: wow. yeah. we are looking at one more fairly mild the day, back in the 30' s, partial sunshine into sunday when a strong cold front moves in. very cold for next week. erin: all right. starting tonight at 5:00, we will be live at new year' s eve festivities around new hampshire as the clock ticks down to 2016. and a new challenge for this year' s rose parade. an agriculture quarantine means that float designers had to stop using some of the most popular plants. we will tell you about that. that does it for us.
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announcer: 3 republican governors. but which governor won national praise for tough leadership handling nine hurricanes? which governor made his state number one in job creation? which governor led the fight to stop obamacare expansion in his state? and which governor laid out a tough plan to destroy isis months before the paris attacks? jeb bush. right to rise usa is responsible
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